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NATOA is the shortened form for Ngonyama A TASTE OF AFRICA - NON-PROFIT COMPANY



Ngonyama A Taste of Africa

We are a duly registered Non-profit company registered in terms of the provisions of the Company Act 2008 of South Africa under registration number 2019/180454/08 


A B-BBEE Level 3 certificate was issued to us under certificate number 9173502740


We have a unique and authentic South African product which we call NATOA [Ngonyama A Taste of Africa]. We want to train and transfer our skills in the outdoor lifestyle, entrepreneurial, managerial aspects of the outdoor lifestyle via courses to benefit at least 50 trainees per year to enable them to prepare and gain experience in the tourism, cultural, heritage and hospitality sectors of the economy. 

Have you ever eaten a Limpopo burger [mopani worms] or umphokuqo or gnush or ostrich/springbok/crocodile carpaccio or biltong or dried wors? These are foods that you will not normally get while on a tour to South Africa.

“Because food and drink involve all of the human senses, we’ll remember a meal much longer than we will a museum or stained-glass windows”.  - International culinary tourism association

Rushing from one restaurant to another on tour will not necessarily give the traveler a good food experience of South Africa - to experience a Taste of Africa properly you need to learn how to prepare the foods yourself in the context of its people, heritage and culture.

Imagine finding someone who not only can teach you how to prepare local cuisine but in fact can teach you how to do this all,

 Get the communities involved – visit a cultural village

We want to present these courses to hospitality students, at universities and tertiary institutions or similar, to prepare and equip them for their careers in hospitality and tourism – this will also broaden their vision in terms of entrepreneurial, managerial and problem solution skills.

The skills and training we will give them will vary from mundane tasks like setting up the different types of camping/glamping facilities ranging from setting up camp like tents, to trailers, to luxury caravans and motorhomes. Camping tasks to 4x4 driving skills and techniques, to planning and organizing and executing their plans

Obviously, we are looking at students who are in possession of a valid driver’s license as they will not be allowed to train on 4x4 vehicles without it. On the bigger vehicles they will qualify to obtain a code 10 license

These courses will be held on Saturdays with one module per Saturday over a span of 10 weeks. We intend of doing two courses per year. At the completion of the full course the students will go on a training camp [safari] where our team will evaluate their progress, and each will receive a report card which will serve as a resume of what they have learnt. 


Training dates will be so organized that it will not fall during popular school holidays and tourism high seasons – this will give some of the students the opportunity to engage as guides and camp assistants during tours at that time. It will also give NATOA the opportunity to rent out the training equipment and generate an income for its purposes.

The course for the Street Chefs and Cultural Villages would include details like hygienic preparation of foods, sourcing of quality products and storytelling about the foods they prepare.

Emphasis will be laid on storage of cooked foods and the legal consequences of bad food preparation.

We will also address the overcooking or undercooking of foods and why it should appear appetizing for tourists.

There is no reason why street foods cannot be promoted for tourism purposes

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